Welcome to the Sodus Shores Lodge Website!

Starting in 2021 the Sodus Shores Lodge is officially under new ownership! We are still currently getting on our feet but this is the new website. Located right in the middle of Greig St., we are conveniently right in the middle of everything to do right on Sodus Point. This means we're in walking distance of all of the great restaurants, stores that the point has to offer. Just want to relax? We are also in walking distance of the vast beach and historic Sodus Point Lighthouse. Below is a video of your walk/drive to the beach.

Currently, we have four different rooms to rent with a fifth coming very soon. To find out more about our different rooms and amenities please check out the rooms page of our website. Keep in mind we are working on becoming more tech-friendly so our book now page will help you get in contact with a Sodus Shores Employee to get an official booking set in stone.